Lake Effect Poetry

Cleveland, Ohio's Poetry Slam Team

Roster Changes

Due to her evil day-job not allowing her to take the necessary days off to compete at MeatGrinder or NPS, Skylark Bruce has had to step out of this year’s team lineup. Azriel Johnson will be taking her place on the roster for NPS. Vertigo Xavier (who finished sixth in our Grand Slam) will be taking Azriel’s place as team alternate. Skylark will still be joining the team at some of our fundraising events and team appearances. Azriel will be competing with his Writing Knights team at the Ohio MeatGrinder Slam, so Vertigo will be on Lake Effect’s roster for that tournament. (Vertigo will also have a Poet’s Haven team competing at MeatGrinder, but Alexis-Rueal will be handling slammministrator duties for the event.)