Lake Effect Poetry

Cleveland, Ohio's Poetry Slam Team

About the Team

Your 2016 Lake Effect Poetry slam team is:

AKeemjamal Rollins is an artist from a city that is not a city.  He writes poems a few times a year.  He does well at competitions and has been a grand slam champion five times and won some accolades.  He is happy with what he makes. AKeemjamal_Rollins
Ephraim_Nehemiah Ephraim Nehemiah is an artist searching for his truth and embracing vulnerability one baby step at a time.  Born in Oakland, he is on the tenth year of his vacation in northeast Ohio.  His son, Obatallah, while forming in the belly of his mother, convinced Ephraim to pursue his artistry and create a legacy of fearless decisions.  Since then, he has thrown himself into the waters of poetry and performance with an insatiable desire for growth.  He is completing his bachelors degree in Pan-African studies.  He loves tacos, long hugs, and awkward winks to unsuspecting faces.
Damien McClendon is a poet from Youngstown who just completed his degree in Pan-African Studies at Kent State University.  He draws inspiration for his poetry from his family, ethnicity, and the idea of oneness.  He believes strongly that we are all reflections of one another, all connected.  When he performs, he hopes for his words to live on in the souls of others.  In April of 2015, he became a father to his son, Nile McClendon.  As a parent, he feels it is his responsibility to show that if you follow your passion, stay true to yourself, and do what you love, you will always find happiness. Damien_McClendon
Azriel_Johnson Azriel Johnson: Poet, novelist, and all around shady character.  An ink spatter analyst by day and a serial writer by night.  Shaman of the International Temple of Self Expression.  The founder and director of Writing Knights Press.  Among his publications; “The Gravity of Chainsaws” (Crisis Chronicles Press), “Hellfire, Heavensent” (Writing Knights), “Poemaholic” (The Poet’s Haven), and his recently released fantasy/alternate history novel “Sunset Red.”
Skylark Bruce is a poet from Canton, Ohio, who believes one cannot live on slam alone.  Her other pleasures include bellydancing, recycling, cooking food for hungry people, and crocheting with plastic bags.  She was one-fourth of the 2012, 2014, and 2015 Lake Effect Poetry slam teams. Her first poetry book, “I Wish,” was published in 2012 by The Poet’s Haven. Her full-length book, “Graffiti Wisdom,” was published in 2013 by Writing Knights Press. Skylark_Bruce
Vertigo_Xavier Vertigo Xi’an Xavier is publisher of The Poet’s Haven, a press he launched upon the pages of the new electronic frontier during the stone-age of the internet. Now, two decades, 2000+ authors, and over 7000 published poems and stories later, he is working to expand his dominion beyond the realms of digital and print media, and seeks your vote to make him Emperor of planet Earth.  When not plotting world domination, Vertigo manages Cleveland’s Lake Effect Poetry slam team.