Lake Effect Poetry

Cleveland, Ohio's Poetry Slam Team

What’s Ahead…

Contrary to what is being said and reported elsewhere, I, Vertigo Xavier, have NOT stepped down as the slamministrator of Lake Effect Poetry. That said, Lake Effect Poetry HAS passed its status as a PSI Certified Slam Venue on to AKeemjamal Rollins’ new The People Slam. There are some very big things in the works […]

San Diego Victorious in Slam Semi-Final with Lake Effect Poetry

San Diego Poetry Slam claimed victory in Semi-Final Bout #1, against Lake Effect Poetry, Slam New Orleans, Bowery Poetry Slam, and Dallas Poetry Slam. Lake Effect sent up group pieces for the first three rounds; “Identity” scored 24.5, “Summer Time” scored 26.3, and “Inheritance” scored 25.5.  For the fourth round, AKeem performed “In Response to […]


Vertigo drew the D this bout, having the team start last in the first round. (YAY, NOT THE A!!!)  For the first round, Azriel and AKeem group-pieced “Poemaholic pt.2” and scored a 27.5, starting us in second place behind Northampton’s 27.7.  Next, Ephraim performed “Bullet Points,” snagging two tens and a 28.6, putting us in […]

Lake Effect Wins First Bout at NPS2016!

Lake Effect Poetry’s first NPS2016 bout (Bout 17 at the Decatur School of Ballet) just wrapped up.  Slamministrator Vertigo Xavier drew the C.  Nuyorican drew the A, Eclectic Truth drew the B, and WeSpoke drew the D. For the first round, the team sent up a group piece, “Race Card,” and scored a 25.7.  Ephraim […]

LEP Wins Bout at Ohio MeatGrinder Slam, Competes in Finals

Damien was unable to come to Columbus for the 2016 Ohio MeatGrinder Slam due to a new evil-day-job, and Azriel was competing with his Writing Knights team.  Vertigo (trusting Alexis-Rueal to slamministrate his Poet’s Haven team) stepped in as LEP’s alternate, and Andrew Golden joined us to complete the roster.  The team won it’s prelim […]

Roster Changes

Due to her evil day-job not allowing her to take the necessary days off to compete at MeatGrinder or NPS, Skylark Bruce has had to step out of this year’s team lineup. Azriel Johnson will be taking her place on the roster for NPS. Vertigo Xavier (who finished sixth in our Grand Slam) will be […]

Website BRB!

The Lake Effect Poetry website is being updated/reformatted/whateveryouwannacallit.  Everything will be back up soon.  🙂

GRAND SLAM Results: Your 2016 Lake Effect Poetry Team is…

After three wonderful rounds of poetic slam combat, your 2016 Lake Effect Poetry team is: AKeemjamal Rollins, Ephraim Nehemiah, Damien McClendon, and Skylark Bruce!  Azriel Johnson placed fifth and will be our "alternate."  Vertigo Xavier placed sixth, and thinks that's perfect because he gets to go to NPS anyway as Slamministrator. 😉

A huge THANK YOU goes to Hive Mind for hosting our Grand Slam finals!  They host all kinds of awesome events each week; find them on Facebook to see what they've got going on next.

Stay tuned, as we will be announcing our fundraising events and team appearance schedule over the next few weeks.

Results from Final 2016 Qualifier at Cultured Coffee

The final qualifier slam of the 2016 season took place tonight at Cultured Coffee in Canton.  Azriel Johnson captured first place with Colleen Harrington in second.

With all eight qualifiers completed, the following poets are now eligible to compete in the GRAND SLAM this Saturday night at Hive Mind in Akron: Skylark Bruce, Azriel Johnson, Andrew Golden, AKeemjamal Rollins, Damien McClendon, Colleen Harrington, Vertigo Xavier, and Ephraim Nehemiah.

The following poets are eligible to compete in the LAST CHANCE SLAM that will open the Grand Slam event: Nikann Charney, Dandy, Zack Lee, and Rae Hallstrom.  The winner of the LAST CHANCE SLAM will then get to compete in the GRAND SLAM.

Feature Lineup Change for Final Qualifier

The FINAL Lake Effect Poetry slam qualifier of the 2016 season is TOMORROW at Cultured Coffee in Canton, OH!  This show is part of Writing Knights Press' Stark Knights Poetry Tour.  The feature lineup has changed and expanded a bit: the show will now feature Erie, PA Poet Laureate Cee Williams, MKE Poet Mwatabu Okantah, and Colleen Harrington!

This is the final opportunity for poets who have only competed in one LEP qualifier to meet the two-qualifier minimum to garner a spot at the GRAND SLAM on Saturday.  This is the final opportunity for everyone else to qualify to compete in the LAST CHANCE SLAM that will take place at the opening of Saturday's GRAND SLAM event.